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Stacie McGregor - Portrait.jpg

Stacie McGregor

Pianist and composer Stacie McGregor is a Juno Award recipient in the “World Music “category having recorded with blues guitarist Madagascar Slim in 1999. She has since recorded three jazz albums as a leader for G-THREE Records with her debut “Straight Up” charting in over 15 countries.

She has been nominated twice for the Grand Prix de Jazz General Motors and the Prix Étoiles Galaxie de Radio-Canada award at the Montreal Jazz Festival.
The late Canadian jazz legend, drummer Archie Alleyne chose her to

be the musical director of his award winning “hard-bop” band Kollage in 2013, which she continues to lead since his passing.
She has toured, recorded and performed with a wide range of top-tier Canadian and American artists such as Billy Hart, Curtis Lundy, Billy Robinson, Juini Booth, Brandi Disterheft, Aura, Jackie Richardson, Alexis Baro, Pat LaBarbera, Henry Heillig, Shakura S’Aida, Kevin Turcotte, Chris Mitchell, Paul Novotny, Dave Young, Mike Malone, Colleen Allen, and Neil Swainson.

Her compostions and engaging performance connect to listeners and is a reflection of her uniqueness and maturity as a jazz artist.
Her latest solo recording “Rhythm, Hart & Soul” features her original compositions performed with New York based veteran musicians Billy Hart (Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock) on drums and Santi DeBriano (Cecil Taylor, Archie Shepp) on bass.

Her playing and compositions can also be found on the Kollage release “ No Fuss, No Muss” (G-THREE)

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